Removal of palms throught the cemetery

GMCT is in the process of removing a large number of self-sown Canary Island Palms (Phoenix canariensis) from the Coburg Cemetery. The palms pop up from seed and, if allowed to develop, can damage graves and other infrastructure.

aaaaaaaaaCut Palms
Cranes are being used to remove some of the palms that are otherwise inaccessible to regular tree lopping machinery or vehicles. This will allow the trees to be removed without damaging nearby graves.

In addition to this, GMCT has an ongoing program of palm removal throughout the Coburg site. Staff from Fawkner Memorial Park visit Coburg and cut the fronds off the seedling palms, and the remaining trunk is then poisoned to prevent it re-growing. Poisoned palms are generally left to rot where they stand, rather than risk damage to the site.

Drainage works

Yarra Water is currently undertaking repairs to the main drain that transects the cemetery from the north-east to the south-west boundary on Bell Street. The drain runs mainly underground and the works are almost complete. Thus far, Yarra Water have been very respectful about the area they are working in and there has been minimal impact on the nearby graves.