You can search to see whether your ancestors are buried in Coburg Cemetery in two ways.

Firstly, there is provision on a death certificate to state where and when the deceased was buried. In most cases this information is completed when the death was registered.

These are two examples of the relevant sections from Victorian death certificates:

If you do not have your ancestor’s death certificate it is possible to search the Victorian death registers online and order a digital copy of the certificate. Each search is free and the downloadable digital copy will cost $24. (August 2016 prices). The searchable Victorian death database can be accessed via this link:

Secondly, if you believe that you ancestor was buried at Coburg Cemetery you can search the excellent new online burial database and mapping system found on the website of the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

To perform a Deceased Search:
 • enter the Surname and Given Name (if known) of the deceased person
 • choose the Cemetery from the drop-down box
 • tick the Terms & Conditions box
 • click on the Find Deceased button

The search results will be displayed in a table.

If you wish to see a map of the grave of the person, click on “Show Map” in the right hand column. A new window will open and the person will be highlighted in a map.

You may print the map of the location of the grave and the person's details by clicking on the 'Print Map To PDF' icon on the top right menu bar. The resultant map is ideal to to take with you when visiting the cemetery.

An online map of all the cemeteries managed by GMCT may be found via this link:

The mapping site has very good help information which may be accessed via this link: