F riends of Coburg Cemetery was established in 2011 and incorporated in 2012 with the following aims:

-To promote an ethic of respect for the history of Coburg Cemetery

-To promote the preservation, conservation and appreciation of Coburg Cemetery as a site of local and historical significance

-To research all aspects of the Cemetery

-To provide learning experiences for the public in order to enrich their knowledge of the Cemetery

-To collaborate with other groups on specific projects such as education, conservation and research

By becoming a member of Friends of Coburg Cemetery you will receive a quarterly Buried Treasures newsletter, discounts on future activities and financially assist the group.

You are encouraged to help with research for future activities, attend regular general meetings, participate in working bees, publicise the group and its activities and write and submit newsletter articles.

Walk through the cemetery gates, visit the graves and learn about our ancestors.